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Dungeons & Dragons: Gold Box Classics, Silver Box Classics and more

Gold Box Classics is a real treasure for any connoisseur of Dungeons & Dragons worlds: it combines all three Collections on The Forgotten Realms Archives, including such famous tittles as The Eye of the Beholder, Pool of Radiance, Curse of the Azure Bonds, Menzoberranzan and many others as well as Ravenloft, Krynn and Dark Sun series.

And apart from the actual Gold Box Classic we strongly recommend you to play attention to remarkable kingdom simulator Stronghold: Kingdom Simulator and try yourself as an outcast, betrothed to the caliph’s daughter and the son of a sultan whose once mighty clan has been dishonored, in Al-Qadim: The Genie’s Curse!

Initially, the project’s goal was to release Gold Box on Steam. Original games had several bugs, that were fixed in the process, and General Arcade specialista also added handy PDFs to the packages made. After it was decided to make a custom game launcher on Qt.

Launcher makes it easier for users to access necessary documentation (Journals, Manuals, Cluebooks, etc). It also provides a simple interface for selecting game language, changing resolution, enabling Gold Box Companion, launching internal game settings and resetting in-game progress. There is also a feature that helps users transfer their characters from one game to another.

Silver Box Classics contains of the following titles: Heroes of the Lance, Dragons of Flame, War of the Lance and Shadow Sorcerer.



Dungeons & Dragons: Gold Box Classics, Silver Box Classics and more
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    Cyberlore Studios, DreamForge Intertainment, General Arcade, MicroMagic, Stormfront Studios, Strategic Simulations, Westwood Associates
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